Why are books about people that don’t look like you threatening?

A kid yelling into a microphone. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Listen to the audio version here.

This is dedicated to the (hopefully) small sub-set of parents screaming at school board meetings that the current version of U.S. …

How One Kind Act Boosted The Confidence Of A Young Lawyer

I first met Mr. Baker (not his real name, but close enough) on a hotel bed in West Hollywood; an unlikely place for a law firm interview. I was there for a job fair where thousands of baby crab lawyers crawled over one another in an attempt to escape the…

Resilience, patience and self-reliance one tile at a time

I don’t like Scrabble. Who wants to think during leisure time? Give me Go Fish or Candy Land any day. But Scrabble? Make up words without the necessary letters? Unravel the confusing scoring system? Sit in silence while smarter people spell words with Q’s but no U’s?

Isn’t this what parents work so hard for? Musings from the Target parking lot on money, values and upward mobility

As my teenage daughter and I walked gleefully towards the mood-altering drug that is our neighborhood Target store, I spied a red and white banner covering the building almost as large as the Target bullseye.

“We’re hiring. $15 per hour. Ask inside for details.”

“Wow. Fifteen dollars. You love shopping…

With all due respect to Gil Scott-Heron

You will not be able to earn your degree in your pajamas
You will not be able to order toilet paper from Instacart
You will not be able to Door Dash or Postmate or Uber Eat
Or update your Facebook profile, Snapchat Map or WhatsApp because
The revolution is not on your phone…

A rhyming dictionary can be a dangerous thing during National Poetry Month

What is Moonlight Made Of?
What is Moonlight made of?
Fetid dreams and
SpongeBob memes and
Undefeated teams and
Ponzi schemes and
Architect Eames and
Paper reams and
What God deems and
How reality seems and
Balance beams and
Retinol creams and
Acid wash jeans and
Not enough means and
City drag queens and
Fabricated extremes and
Loud silent screams and
Jewelry that gleams and
Familiar themes and

Yes, it is another poem, because the world needs more poems?

April is National Poetry Month so it is a great time to revisit some of your favorite poems and maybe even write a few yourself.

While watching a Saturday Night Live sketch last weekend I laughed so hard that I almost spit out my carefully curated selection of Jelly Bellies…

It’s National Poetry Month! I’m no poet but it’s liberating to try . . .

I am definitely not a poet. I like reading things that rhyme and I hum along to song lyrics, but I was not that person looking forward to the poetry unit in eleventh grade English class. I can’t tell you the themes of any Shakespearian sonnet. But I have learned…

We bonded over sports and Drew Brees was the last remnant of that connection. But the generational bond he symbolized lives on.

When Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints quarterback, announced his retirement I was cleaning out my pantry. I started bawling. I’m not a Saints fan, but Brees was my last continuing link to my beloved grandmother.

Our last conversation was about Drew Brees.

“What do you think of him?,” …

Labels don’t end racism. True human connections do.

Let’s retire the term “white privilege.” Like many terms born during times of racial upheaval, the term is now doing more harm than good. Labels don’t end racism, true human connections do.

As a middle-aged black woman, the term “white privilege” makes me cringe. I know that its origin is…

Maj-le Bridges

Gen X-er, recovering lawyer, frustrated writer, Lego enthusiast and serial creative. Published in Start It Up and Age of Awareness.

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